Abortion Clinic In Pretoria East

Are you considering terminating your pregnancy ?

Call us or whatsApp – 0724877066. We are the best women clinic in Pretoria. We provide you with information about women’s health services such as the risks, methods-(both medical and surgical) and after care options available to you. There are different types of termination of pregnancy procedures, but the age of the pregnancy will determine the procedure to be used. Termination of pregnancy carries little or no risk if done by trained personnel.BIRTH CONTROL

Our clinic focuses on contraceptive means of family planning in Pretoria which most clinics would not be able to address. We provide counselling for patients with complicated medical and contraceptive needs. Our appointments are one-to-one consultation with a gynaecologist or a professional nurse which will help you decide on best contraception for you.


We offer gynaecology services in our sunnyside gynecology clinic, which care for female reproductive system. Examination and treatment of menstrual problem, sexual problem, ovarian cysts, menopause problem and infertility.

Listed Below are Our Family Planning and Gynecology Services in Pretoria

  • Sonar
  • Pap Smear
  • Womb Cleaning
  • Ante – Natal   Care
  • Depo-ProNuristerat
  • Female Sterilization
  • Hospital  Admissions
  • Urine Pregnancy  Test
  • Female Sterilization-R600
  • HIV Test   and  Counselling.
  • Pregnancy Related Problems

Our Services are affordable:

  • 2-3 weeks-R1000
  • 4 weeks-R1500
  • 8 weeks-R1800
  • 10 weeks-R2000
  • 12 weeks-R2500
  • 16 weeks-R3000
  • 18 weeks-R3500
  • 20 weeks-R4000
  • 22 weeks-R4500-R5000

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